H a n s R u h o f f K L A N G Z E I C H E N ®
H a n s    R u h o f f K L A N G Z E I C H E N ® 

Hagia Chora

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The development of the KLANGZEICHEN ®: „The Heiden Heiland“         An extract from the documentation „Hagia Chora“ Nr. 8

At the general meeting in December 2000, at the abbey Schöntal, the artist Hans Ruhoff, the geomant Josef Volsa and the news paper publisher Lara Mallien and Johannes Heimrath, met for a very enthuisiastic exchange of ideas, which resultated in a remarkably impressive experience.

During the meeting everybody could hear the church choir singing through the doors of the abbey.

After the first KLANGZEICHEN ®,  Joseph repositioned his crystals. The way he released his energy into the room had a very inviting quality.


Even when the existing energy field appeared to be clearly initiated or fed from his personal life energy, it left him and connected with the energy of the people around him, the viewers, actors and observers.

The room lightened up into an indescrible atmosphere of light and ease. These impulses opened the way for what was meant to happen.

While Hans was applying the drops of colours onto the paper, it suddenly became totally still in the church. Then exactly at the moment he started to move his spatula the church choir started to sing again.

They sang the song  „nu komm der Heiden Heiland“ (Veni Redemptor gentium von Bischof Ambrosius, 340-397, from Martin Luther 1524). The chant is an old magical melody associated with great peace and awareness.

Everybody in the room became bound together in awe, trying to capture the moment.
Hans Ruhoff moved his hand across the paper in trance.

As the music faded, the Kangzeichen ® „The Heiden Heiland“  beamed up at us, and portraits the same message as one of the most touching and sacred paintings from the middle ages: the „Isenheimer Altar“. The experience was breath taking.

Josef Volsa.Geomant, Wien.            www.volsa.com
This image reminds Johannes Heimrath very much of the „Isenheimer Altar“ , a painting, that Hans was not yet aware of. This was a very memorable experiment for all those involved.

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